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FS: 2005 GT V6 Spyder Misc Parts 90k miles

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Need these used parts gone ASAP...all offers considered. Will post pics soon, or by request.

-- 4 Stock 17" alloy wheels and Nexen tires with 50% tread (asking $400)
--Stock seats-complete set, black cloth, manual, very good condition (SOLD)
--Front stock struts & coils--(90k miles)
--Rear stock struts & coils--(92k miles) still on car but being replaced soon
--Front knuckles/spindles--(90k miles) typical rust but solid
--Left and Right CV axles--(90k miles) rebuildable???
--Front Lower control arms--(40k miles) previously replaced; solid but probably need ball joints replaced
--Front Tie rods inner and outer (90k miles)
--Front wheel bearings (90k miles) no noticeable play
--Rear wheel bearings--(92k miles) no noticeable play; still on car but being replaced soon
--Complete Stock air intake assembly including front vent and fairly new filter (85k miles)
--Front Bumper-black (92k miles)--still on car; cracked near bottom of grill but still very usable/repairable
--Rear directional lenses (85k miles)--one good, one cracked but usable
(Front stock directional lenses may be available soon if I can find smoked lense replacements
--aftermarket headlights with black housing and LED bulbs, like new SOLD!!!
--stock rear tailights in excellent condition SOLD!!!
--full set of front and rear stock brake calipers available soon
--used Everstart Maxx 650+ CCA battery available, should have 1-2 years left in her

--used rear stock anti-sway bar available soon

--used rear lower control arms available soon, may need new balljoints and/or bushings

Note: except for the wheels/tires and seats, everything is gonna go very cheap, so don't hesitate to make an offer...the more you buy, the better bargain I can give you.

Parts are located in New York...prefer local pickup. Will ship smaller parts only!!!

Willing to barter for your stuff (custom wheels, etc) or labor, especially if you know auto painting!!!

Thanks for looking,
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This link is for a 04 strut bar but I believe it should fit the 00 to 05
Sorry about that bro.. I should have known better .. I completely missed that it was a Spyder we where talking about .I did quite a bit of searching online and have come up with nothing . I`d like to get one of those too . Maybe if there is enough interest we can get this fellow to reproduce them again.. Fingers crossed ...🤞
By any chance do you have a bank two heat shield? The one you see as soon as you open the hood by the radiator. Sorry, @Sisyphus58 ...I know you know where bank two is but I had to mention it anyways. I need the shield and the o2 sensor shield as well. Would rather buy new but don't think there available anymore.
That's decent of you @Sisyphus58...Two tail lights with bulbs for $63 bucks including shipping and handling... I hope the recipient appreciates your generosity...
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