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FS: AEM Air Bypass Valve for CAI

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I have a AEM air bypass valve for any AEM intake that is 3" in diameter... i bought it for my injen intake and couldnt get it to fit. I bought it for 50 dollars + S&H. I will sell it for 40 shipped. Let me know of any offers. Thanks!!


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just kidding... make sure you guys check what size CAI you have before sending out the money lol

so its still for sale!!!!!
lol :(

Good guy, I sent the payment then figured out it's the wrong size, he returned the money right away...
haha thanks it no big deal really... just a minor mistake thats all! lol
bump anyone interested? please i can make a deal with someine gotta sell this thing!!!
BUMP come on guys!!! 35 shipped?
too bad i can't use it with the V2...otherwise i would have taken it
since u have injen, jus buy the hydroshield filter thing...
it goes right over the filter and thats it...i hav works
according to AEM website they say that the V2 can't use a bypass......if anyone can shed some light into this.
hmmm well i beleive it just connects from your downpipe onto the MAF so i dont know why it wouldnt work... it is a universal AEM part...
i just checked the diameter of it and it is 2.75" not 3"
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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