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FS:AEM Cold Air Intake for GT

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Up for sale is a AEM Cold Air Intake. It's been used for about 10,000 miles, but it is in good shape. I know these are meant for the V-6's but I've heard someone say they fit the 4cyl also, correct me if I'm wrong. It includes all hard ware and also has the carb exempt sticker. Filter looks used, but I have properly cleaned it and re-oiled it, so it'll be good for another 30,000 miles I believe. It's missing the $10 silicone hose and you'll need $2 worth of bolts to bolt the adapter to the MAF sensor.
Cosmetically it's not 100% but it still looks good.
PRICE:$100 plus shipping OBO

I'm not trying to scam anyone, I know I just joined this forum, but I've been part of eclipseforums for a year now. I just found this forum and figured I'd try selling it on here. You can check my ebay feedback under Rabbitccc7 if that does any justice.
I prefer paypal, but anything will do. Thanks for looking.
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if i can save up some money Ill keep you in mind.. but funds are low right now with car payments and gas.. im only a kid a low paying job soo. if it doesnt sell in the next month send me a pm and hopefully lower the price a bit and I'll probably take it off your hands
i would quikly buy this but i just bought a skunk2 catback. but good buy tho!
if it comes down to $70 PM me lol.. i dont have $100 so sorry.. even though i know thats a great deal..
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