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FS: Black Depos

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Had these on my car for about a year or more, have sonars now so time for these to go.
Right now I'm going to say 130 shipped...

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consider this they have any of the issues with fogging up?
Not that I can rememeber I have siliconed them. I actually have had more problems with my Sonars fogging.
You have a PM sir.
pm sent as welllll....
What about $170 shipped to Canada? Is it OK
is the cutoff line modified?
is the cutoff line modified?
No, it's the way it came.
o ok

Free bump. Goodluck with the sale
Are you really asking that..
for wat year of car
It doesnt matter what year, it fits all 00-05
Ill take them. Where and how do i pay? I already sent you a PM and you never responded. Disregard me wanting to pick them up cause i didnt notice the distance.:nuts:
Didn't respond because it seemed like a joke. You really have no idea how to pay for it? Doesn't seem like that would be too smooth of a transaction.
Ok this is getting rediculous with people saying they want them and then I dont get a pm for three days. Only take my time if you are serious.

$120 ....shipped so the first person to send me a money order is going to get these. I don't have a bank account linked to my paypal for another three days so if anyone wants these pm asap or in 3 more days I can probably take paypal.
Bump for myself........Once again 120 shipped. The next person that get in touch with me and paypals will get these. I've had 3 or so people back out for whatever reason. Send pm's my way if you are interested.
Not being mean but they are used bro, and you can definitly tell my man. Not hating at all but 100 shipped sounds about right!!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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