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FS: Brand new BORLA catback exhaust

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Up for sale is a brand spankin' new Borla catback system for the 3G. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and as busy as I am, I'll never have the chance of installing it. Never installed, only taken out of the box to check for all the parts and to take pictures. A beautiful catback system, I've heard one in person on a GT and it is amazing. Comes with everything: the over-axle muffler piping, the middle bend pipe, and the resonator pipe that connects to the cat converter, along with all the couplings, bolts, installation instructions, and even a bonus Borla hat! :bigthumb:

I would prefer local pickup, but I have no problem shipping it at buyers expense. I paid $550 plus shipping, I will let this go for $510 plus shipping, OBO. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. :twothumb:
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:btt: Still up for sale, make offers guys!
Free Bump great seller and guy.
^ Thanks bro!
BUMP! Still for sale.
would you ship to Canada? An do you take paypal?
Sorry, I'm not shipping anything to Canada anymore. The last few times I tried sending stuff to Canada, US customs gave me problems even though the items I sold were perfectly fine.
man i want thisssss
Then send him da money.

Bump for a great guy/seller.
Oops... Sorry for not updating this guys. There's actually a sale PENDING right now, will let you know the outcome.
This exhaust is no longer for sale. Mods please close.
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