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fs: Ebiach sporline springs

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Like title says Ebiach sportlines (2 inch drop), only used for 3 months, need a cleaning and they are like new. 150.00 plus shipping, I sold my car and don't need these anymore. serious buyers only, pm me...
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See Em, you should have put them on here a long time ago. They will go fast. I can vouch for these I guess you could say. She literally only had them on for a summer. GL on the sale.
Thanks Nate!!!! Yea not sure why I waited so long..
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Hey Ylime, do you have any extra shocks/struts laying around? :)
No I don't I did have some stock ones but I think my dad threw them out or gave them to the new owner.

just wondering if you still got the Eibach springs for sale if so im down to buy right now.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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