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FS: Injen Intake, MAS, Turn Signals

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Hey everyone I have a few stuff that I need to get rid of.

00-05 Eclipse OEM MAS/MAF Sensor (came off a 2002 Eclipse GS, check to see if it fits a v6 because I'm not sure)- $75 Shipped OBO.

00-05 Injen Cold Air Intake w/Splash shield- SOLD I bought it from a guy who said the mas adapter was a bit too small so thats why in the pics you see electrical tape around it. I however replaced the mas adapter w/one from a 3000GT (which is included) and just turned it into a short-ram. Worked perfect for me. Mas not included, but see below if you want both.

If your interested in the mas adapter w/injen intake, I will let both go for $200 shipped.

00-02 Eclipse OEM Turn Signals- $25 shipped OBO.

Pm me if interested! I only accept paypal. And I ship fast! Thanks!
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What is the diameter of the adapter? And how much you want just for the adapter?
Sorry I'm not selling the adapter separately.
Has anyone Said anything about the intake yet???
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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