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FS: Kingman Paintball Gun With everything you need to play

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EDIT: Everything for sale again

Spyder electra Deluxe paintball gun with:
-boomstick barrel
-2 tone blue/clear viewloader electric hopper
-Full drop forward with on off valve
-Low pressure Grip
-Full macro line kit
-Metal Vertical Feed
- Gun comes stock electronic, it has 4 modes, 3 shot burst, 6 shot burst, full auto, and single shot.
- Full auto shoots about 14 balls a second.
-68ci 4,500 psi pure energy carbon wrapped nitro tank
-Tank cover
-8 pod pack with some dye pods
- Dye gloves
-Dye Jersey

Asking price is $260 for everything

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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