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FS: Konigs Wheels

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For sale, Konig's "Holes" [I believe].
The fronts are 18"s with Falken Azenis on them.
The rears are 19"s with Bridgestone G-Force T/A on them.
I put them on my 3g for test fit, they fit well. -note that my 3g is not lowered.
I never used them since then.

The previous owner - which was my brother on his 240, said that he only put on less than ~5k miles on them. The wheels are in good shape, except for one ~3" scratch on one of the 18's.

I'm asking $800 O.B.O -make an offer!! + shipping. Of course, I prefer pick up. :)

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more pictures tomorrow! and here's a picture of them on my car!

Where in Indiana are you and any more pics of all 4 wheels, especially the tires and the wheel with the scratch?
i'll take more pics once i get home from work. i'm around carmel.
more pics!!

here's the scratch. there's another scratch similar, just a lot smaller. maybe an inch.

wheels need cleaning btw. i might do that before i shipped them out.
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They look pretty nice, I just don't have the money. A staggered set doesn't really look that bad, but anything with big wheels needs to be lowered. Man your car looked wayy up in the air on those.

:) that's the first and the last time i put them on. the lowered one was obviously PS'd.

more pictures right here or here
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no sir. not until you PM me saying so! ;)
btt coz i want them gone!
ill come pick them up from you for 20 bucks... or ill just come steal them... your choice...

lol free bump they look pretty good.
haha. thanks boss!
btt :)
where in indiana are you?
did you have the 19's up front in those pics?
You don't live all that far away from me. If ~2 hours is considered not that far. Haha. If I had the money...I'd send it to you for those pieces of Konig goodness.
ehh why do u live so far. Im in california so shipping would make this not worth it
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