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I got these over a year ago from another member on here... (ship25 or something i think his screenname was), and never installed them on my car. The previous owner said he put less than 5k miles on them.

They've basically been in this box for over a year and sitting in my dorm room. I'm about to move out of my dorm and would like to see this GONE. My price is 250 shipped, or best offer. I need to sell this before June 16th when I move out. If you think my price is unreasonable or if you want to pick it up here in Palo Alto, CA, just email or IM me and we can talk about it.

Here's the pictures (yes they were taken a long time ago, but they're still in the same box)

I used to be pretty active on this board, as well as the org, but haven't really been on here much recently, nor do I expect to be on here much at all in the future either, so just AIM me at YDing202 or email yding202 AT stanford DOT edu
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will you sell just the rears?
Sorry, I have to sell the whole set
e-mail sent
is it for a 04 as well
Pretty sure it fits any 3G 2000 - 2005
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holy molly! im about to buy it, oh well..congrats!
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