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Last few things trying to sell.

BNIB(Brand new in Box) Spyder CCFL Projector Headlights: $150 +Shiping
You can also throw a reasonable offer out there and we can talk about it.


Still for sale:

Turbo "Kit" - $1000 900 Plus Shipping
The turbo was originally put together by and bought from another member on here, and with the parts being in NY, and the car going to HI, I figured I would sell it, hopefully as a whole kit. I just never got around to doing anything with it except having it sit around. I hope I can find someone interested in it to put it to some use. Here is a list of what is included and some pictures:

-brand new 14b turbo with all the oil and water fittings
-2g cast manifold
-2.5" downpipe to keep a/c and such
-external wastegate dump tube
-2.5 to 3" midpipe
-4" recirc intake pipe
-tial 38
-WRX 440's
-HKS SSQ BOV w/ recirc kit
-FMIC 28x6x2.5
-TurboSmart MBC
-Golden Eagle Vacuum manifold
-Walboro 255
-evo 8 fpr
-evo 8 fuel rail
-evo 8 IC piping
-AEM Uego
-prosport electric boost
*Note - The only things this does not include to install on a car is the oil/water lines and the 2 step colder spark plugs (plugs in pictures are actually stock ones). If you wish any additional pictures of items, please let me know.


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How many posts do you need? 10? Just make the few more posts and send me a PM. I'll be around, and no one has expressed interest in it, so it should be around.
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