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Last few things trying to sell.

New Item:
Aluminum fuel Door: $65 shipped

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BNIB Spyder CCFL Projector Headlights: $150 +Shiping
Note* Price is based on shipping anywhere within United States. Price may be reduced based on distance. You can also throw a reasonable offer out there and we can talk about it.
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Still for sale:

Turbo "Kit" - $1000 Plus Shipping
The turbo was originally put together by and bought from another member on here, and with the parts being in NY, and the car going to HI, I figured I would sell it, hopefully as a whole kit. I just never got around to doing anything with it except having it sit around. I hope I can find someone interested in it to put it to some use. Here is a list of what is included and some pictures:

-brand new 14b turbo with all the oil and water fittings
-2g cast manifold
-2.5" downpipe to keep a/c and such
-external wastegate dump tube
-2.5 to 3" midpipe
-4" recirc intake pipe
-tial 38
-WRX 440's
-HKS SSQ BOV w/ recirc kit
-FMIC 28x6x2.5
-TurboSmart MBC
-Golden Eagle Vacuum manifold
-Walboro 255
-evo 8 fpr
-evo 8 fuel rail
-evo 8 IC piping
-AEM Uego
-prosport electric boost
*Note - The only things this does not include to install on a car is the oil/water lines and the 2 step colder spark plugs (plugs in pictures are actually stock ones). If you wish any additional pictures of items, please let me know.

Daaamn wish I found this sooner :( i want to do this so bad and you got all the stuff right here, wow man haha
61 - 80 of 83 Posts