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OMFG... Erf.....
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Lots of misc stuff make me offers on whatever u see there

PS2 Component Cables
Wii Component Cables
Wii Gloves 2 black 2 blue 2 nunchuck gloves
Wii Remote + 4 new Duracell batteries
Nintendo DS action replay card/cd tool and usb cable
PSP Logitech Case
Gamestop UMD Case holds 8 UMD's
1 Gamecube memory card
3 PS2 memory cards
X-men figures, jean,rogue, cable, nightcrawler, wolverine, mystique, archangel, gambit, colossus, professor x,
storm, juggernaut, iceman, cyclops, psylocke, beast, Spiderman
gameshark gameboy advance
Tien Doll
Brian griffin
Walter P99 c02 Pistol + silencer and rail frame attachment SOLD~!!!
Black Pinhole button Spy camera kit
PS2 Serious Sam
PS2 Shadow of the colossus
PS2 Kingdom hearts 2
PS2 Codebreaker version 10
PS2 Action Replay MAX


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What the heck kind of gun is that?

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sorry for not getting back to you. im going to half to wait till this weekend or whenever i get my check. but when i get it im going to want kingdom of hearts 2 and a memory card. ill pm you later when something sells or i get my check.
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