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FS: Megan/BC Racing Coilovers $750 shipped

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FS: Megan/BC Racing Coilovers $625 shipped

For those that do not know, BC racing is the company behind Megan Racing's coilovers. They designed and developed the current Megan coilver that you guys are using now.

BC Racing Website:

review of BC racing coilovers on evom:
BC Racing BR series Coilovers

I was able to get my hands on their new model that is not yet listed on their webpage. The BR series for the Eclipse features an inverted monotube design that has better dampening and cooling features than twin-tubed coilovers. Also has adjustable spring and body length for optimal corner weighting and shock travel. 32-way dampening and comes with adjustable camber plates.

BC Racing is starting to produce these for the Eclipse market but the last person I reccomended these waited over a month a to get a set and cost him $1030 shipped. Mine are 9 month old and have never seen the track.

$625 shipped or $600 picked up. I am located in NYC

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these coilovers are for the eclipse rs, gs, and gt? because on that link its talking all about the EVO.. just wondering because im interested..i acutally started a thread looking for used coilovers:)

PM me and maybe we can do the deal
suspension for all 3 trim model are the same
these are for the eclipse, the evo uses a different mounting point on the lower rear strut, these are good looking coilovers.
yes. these are for the Eclipse.

The evo review I posted was not my review. I was just using his review to show you guys what to expect from these coilovers
oh man why didnt you have this a couple months back before i got my agx's and sportlines :(

free bump
how many miles on them??
probably 5k. We dont drive much in nyc
price dropped to $700 shipped
you didint drop the price... 700 shipped was the original shipped price.... ??
you didint drop the price... 700 shipped was the original shipped price.... ??
yes he did.. he edited the OP :uh:.
are thoes the coilovers that had the sway bar link problem? if not pm me
this is the same company that designed the Megans. I would assume that the sway bar attachments would be the same. I do not know since I never attached my front sway bar because I was too lazy to remove a broken endlink left by Teins. LOL
bump. no one wants to spend their stimulus check?
i would, but it's not enough! lol :lol:
any reasonable offers?

These are a quality set of coilovers. They're very popular with Subie owners and theyre getting good reviews on EvoM.
how about trade with my wheels??

i want them. but price is not right for me.
iceman. you don't need them. your car is already sexy :wub: and fast. keep your ipod! :lol:
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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