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FS: OEM Bits and Other Goodies


As the title said black headlight housings, and a passenger-side door. I'd prefer pickup, (here in Bremerton, Washington) but everything needs to go.

-The headlight housings have light surface scratches, etc. that are to be expected from 12+ years of use, no cracks. does not come with OEM rubbers, however, I do have some that came with my aftermarket housings that will go with the housings. $50+shipping

-The door opens and closes fine, comes with an electric side mirror and all wiring and original hardware, however there is no glass and the damage is not worth fixing (cost less to replace the entire door after the glass was broken). I just need this gone, $30 preferred pick up (unless you wanna pay to ship this heavy ass thing).



*** NEW ITEMS!***

-Ive got a 3/4 set of older style Megan Racing Coils. I pulled these off a wreck in hopes of getting a fourth on here or from Megan Racing. Suffice to say I gave up on the idea after the new one arrived. Just to be clear these are the older style Megans, so they are either good for parts, replacements or as a museum piece if the urge ever strikes you.

-One of the pillow balls on the front coils may need to be replaced.
-The threads on one of the front coils are fairly messed up when I got 'em. I have since ran a file through them, the ride hide adjustment as well as the locking nuts glide on smooth.
-The coating on the spring of the rear coil has flaked off.
-Old MR Style
-They've had more than a few miles put on 'em. I couldn't say for sure, but judging on the age of 'em I would say at least 15k.

-If you need parts for your old Coils, then these are for you!
-The dampeners seem totally fine the adjustment works as well.
-Custom paint job on the front coils? I thought it would look cool, haha.
-I didn't get the ring wrenches, But I'll send you a spanner

Since I haven't ever seen an incomplete set go on sale here, I'm thinking I'll give it to any one for what I paid for 'em. Price has been lowered. I cant do much better on these any more but I'd be willing to sell for less than what I paid to get these gone. Preferred pick up. $300+shipping

-Here's a brand spanking new Megan Racing rear coil over. I ordered this bad boy in November... and got it a couple weeks ago. So the most action this thing has seen was it's unboxing, so I'm gonna ask what I paid for plus shipping. At least this way you don't have to wait months like I did for a part you may need now. $270+shipping

-Here is a full leather interior from an 02 spyder, it is a full set, the driver's side seat is currently at the upholster's getting repaired, Picture coming soon. We would prefer not to split the set, but it could be done. $450 & Pick up only

Edit: Haven't heard word from my father yet on the seat, however if anyone is interested, Im sure I could get him to retrieve it from where ever he took it.

-Here is a grey driver's side seat. This one has all the bells and whistles as far as I know. The SRS side airbag has not been deployed, and It has all electric adjustments. Its a bit rough but could easily be cleaned.$100 & Pick up only.

-I have an 03+ door panel. This is basically the left overs of my efforts to change my door panels. good for parts.$15 preferred pick up (big item = expensive shipping)

Coming Soon...

GT rear brakes and e-brake cables
GS rear brakes and e-brake cables
Front brakes off a GT Spyder (they appear to be larger than my GS brakes)

More interior bits

Thank You!

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bump - asking price lowered on the coils - Its all gotta go, I'll consider offers on all items feel free to PM me.
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