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FS or TRADE: 00-05 Eclipse VIS OEM Carbon Fiber Hood

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Hey guys I have a 00-05 eclipse vis oem carbon fiber hood w/hood pins for sale or trade. I am looking for $250 obo if your paying cash (pick up only) located in Silver Spring, MD or will trade for some 17's or 18's straight up depending how they look.

The hood still shines beautifully, a few spyder cracks here and there see pics for detail. You'll probably end up needing new hood pins anyways (see pic). This hood is not sitting in the sun nor was it on my car in the winter, only had on for like 2months. Just lying in my basement right now. Sorry I didn't get to wash it before I took the pics.

Good news is I already took the time to sand near the latch so that it would shut properly (common problem w/these hoods, there are some threads about this). PM me if interested!

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hey ill give u $350 Shipped to 15601 (south of pittsburgh, pa)... if you are interested in shipping it lemme know... average shipping price has been between $100-150, but i am not very far from you at all (about 7 hrs driving... considering ur just north of d.c. and im just south of pittsburgh)... but ill give u 350 including shipping if u are interested... lemme know.
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somebody pease ban this f**ker he's been postong shit like this in other threads
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