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FS: Pioneer Avic-D3 + bluetooth module + xm module

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all only 4 months old, all work great. there is 1.5 years of xm service remining on the xm module (of a 2 year pre-paid package) all wiring adapters included. has in car bluetooth. ( hands free opperation, audio is routed threw your speakers, and there is a tiny microphone mounted above drivers seat). full GPS with XM navtraffic. ( it will update all road conditions, to tell u speed, road conditions, accidents, construction.) touch screen operation. DVD player that supports all media files. iPod compatable. (when pluged in, an iPod apears on the screen, click wheel and all) also has a front jack for aditional audio componets. also comes with a best buy 4 year warrenty

PRICE $ 500(+paypal fees) s&h included

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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