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FS[Price Reduced!!] AGX, TEIN S, HID, Sonar, Clear Corner,SS

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All Sold

Sonar Halo Projector - $80 Shipped - SOLD

6000K H1 HID kit (perfect for Sonar projector) - $80 Shipped - SOLD

Black housing clear corner - $35 shipped - SOLD

Megan Short Shifter - $25 Shipped - SOLD

TEIN S Tech spring - $80 Shipped - SOLD

KYB AGX - $300 Shipped - SOLD

All mods are only about 5 months old or less than 5000 miles.

Need to sell asap, whoever pm me first with cash on hand will get the deal.
I will need you to pay immediately after I reply the pm with my paypal account.

Please pay by Paypal.

I will ship the item at the same day or next.


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so if I can save up some money I will gladly take the projectors and black turns...

would you take off some on the price since your shipping boht to me?
ill take the short shifter bro, and dibs on teins too!
I'll take the clear corners and the Short shifter I get paid Tues at like 1 AM so I should have payment to you in the morining sound Good?
I PM'd you earlier...lmk your paypal, i'll take sonars and HID
i can paypal you right now for the short shifter. Is all i need there?
PM sent....any pictures of the HIDs at night?
Sent you PM bout dibs on the HID on Sunday Morning !!!
Hey did you get my PM about the Short shifter I can send payment late tonight
hey still got the megan short shifter?

paypal ready!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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