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Pure Digital Point and Shoot Cam, (30 minutes) I bought it for $110 Got it for the last 8 months and Ive used quite a few times the resolution is pretty darn good... It has 30 minutes of Recording time, vids are transferred into the comp via a build in usb the cam has to free more memory

$70 / OBO shipped- It has a couple of battle scars ( scratches) but the lens is scratch free.

Pure Digital's Point & Shoot Video Camera - Engadget
The new Point & Shoot Video Camcorder bumps video storage to 30 minutes, and includes a USB connector to offload video to your PC using included software that can email clips to friends and relatives. There's also a TV connector cable to watch clips straight off the camera, or you can always drop off the camera to have a DVD made, the difference being that you get the camera back this time. Now available at Target, the camera still isn't going to do much more than a decent digital camera or phone can pull off these days, but it doesn't seem a bad option for the tech-phobic or in risky situations you wouldn't want to stick your $1000 camera into.
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