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FS: Rear D+S Rotors/Pads/SS Lines/Energy Suspension Bushings/Motor Mount

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I have the following for sale... ALL prices include paypal and shipping. Please PM me if you want something....

New Brembo Drilled/Slotted rear rotors, perfect for those of you doing the rear disc swap. They were brembo blank replacement rotors and an aftermarket company drilled/slotted them. they have a few small areas where rust started to form but I got it off, they will be prefectly fine, I bought these 2 years ago and never installed them.

rotors $125 shipped

Hawk Rear Pads Part#HB367F.585 ----SOLD

SS Lines for 3g's with REAR DRUM BRAKES!! These wont work if you have rear disc, also brand new
includes the banjo bolts and copper crush washers. $65 shipped.

Energy Suspension Master Bushing Set Part#5.18110G

please see their website for what it includes. I know it includes the front lower control arm bushings, front and rear swaybar bushings and shifter bushings. It also includes a few for the rear but im not sure which ones.Brand new in box, the bags were opened only to confirm that all the parts were there and nothing missing. $80 shipped.

Prothane Front Motor Mount 4 cylinder, Brand new in box $45 shipped.


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interested in those ss lines
you have PM....

other PM's replied to....
Interested in the rotors and pads. PM sent
all pm's replied to

pads are sold, everything else is still available
all PM's replied to, stock motor mounts and pads sold so far, everything else still available

Bushings, SS lines and drilled/slotted rear rotors still available
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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