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FS stock sideskirts, GT wheels with tires

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-stock sideskirts silver SOLD!

-stock GT wheels w/ tires 350 shippped 300 shipped!
clean and good condition with decent tread on the tires too. (will post up better pics when I have my camera with me.)


proof of ownership
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any reasonable offer will be considered!
does the price of the wheels include shipping?
does the price of the wheels include shipping?
Can you not read??? $250 Plus Shipping, means NO! :uh: didnt see that. then whats the price plus shipping for the wheels to 54952?
indeed :]

I have have many interests near by though on OF but no one is committing yet.
how much to ship the sideskirts at 46074?

side skirts to 30012?
1 - 20 of 64 Posts
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