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FS:Tinted Stock Tails

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Guys, I have a set of tinted tail lights sitting at my house. I got TYCs so I need my stock ones gone. The quality of tinting isn't that great and there is also a small crack on one of'em. Give me till 2night and I'll post some pics. I don't want to be ridiculous about the price so I'd start with 30+shipping. If u got an offer go ahead.

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For sale thread without pictures, or screen name..tick tock, tick tock, a Mod is going to delete this thread, you may wanna hurry and get within the rulez, before a Mod does what he does, and deletes this thread.

Just looking out for ya..
Anybody? Is the price too high?
nah the price is right. im buy them but at the moment im in the process of doing my own custom tails..just keep it in here and someone will get them
PM sent.
do you have any pictures of it on your car? i would like to see how the dullness looks on the car itself...thanks
the pics on the car dont seem to be working for me...just me?
I dont see the pictures on the car either. I might be interested if I could see them on the car. I would also be willing to pay for you to clear coat them.
I'm sorry guys, I did post'em but they don't show. Here a link to ride
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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