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FS: Turbonetics T3/T4

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hello... well my last thread got nixd for my lack of proof it was actually mine... so rules followed now...

as stated i have a Turbonetics T3/T4 for sale. my turbo/AWD project was canned for lack of fundage and because a roof for my new family is way more important now.

this turbo is sized for 3.0L and under. so pretty much perfect for anyone who is looking to get their kit started off right.

the turbo has never been used, fitted, or pretty much touched, outside the occasional grope by me whenever i wanted to have a looksee

well enough of the chitchat... heres the meat

product number on the box is: 11009-BB

heres the link for the lazy ones out there:

it retails @ $1660.00 I'm asking for $1200.00 or BEST OFFER...

this things pretty much all youll need... PM for any furthur questions you might have

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come on guys!!! this turbo is brand new, never used! anyone who is starting up their turbo kit would be getting a wonderful piece that is critical for any good turbo kit.

cant go wrong with brand new you guys!
bumpity bump... still for sale!
mmm yummmy... turbo goodness... someone get it while its still shiny!!! come on guys shoot me some offers!
so whos gunna take this little gem for themselves huh? still for sale!
okay okay you guys... i really need to sell this thing!!! who wants this shiny new turbo for their car?

ill take $1,100 even! someone shoot me a price!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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