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Get yourself what you REALLY want for Xmas...

PayPal only accepted for all items, unless you're local to the Milwaukee/Chicago area and want
to do a pick-up; in that case, cash will be accepted. Shipping will be via UPS or USPS for the smaller items.
Included shipping costs assume within the continental US only, sorry.

^ used front V6 valve cover, slight dent in front that should knock out easy, ideal for someone
that wants to paint or powdercoat and not deal with extra downtime by removing theirs

> SOLD!!!

^ stock fuel door, almost new, was on my car for like a week
> SOLD!!!

^ HARD TO COME BY! RMDSM 17.5mm front sway bar with bushings & brackets (re-use your stock bolts)
> SOLD!!!
Note: This works best on a stock-suspended or milder suspension set-up street-driven car;
hard cornering with stiffer suspension will lift the inside front!

^ Redline Elite hood-lifts, excellent shape, brackets are painted silver, mounting instructions included
> SOLD!!!
Note: Not a good match with c/f hoods; that's why I removed them from my car.

^ Flex-a-Lite #4110 oil/tranny cooler kit NEW! (link to specs)
> SOLD!!!

^ B&M #70274 11"x11"x1.5" oil cooler NEW! MSRP ~$100 (link to specs)
> SOLD!!!
Note: Very high cooling capacity, good for home-brewed oil-cooler projects where you might not
have a lot of airflow, like a side-mount or horizontal mount. I also have some NEW misc -AN/NPT fittings &
hose-ends I'll let go for very cheap; most are black-anodized aluminum.

^ Lotek 3-pod a-pillar gage mount, for 60mm gages, NEW, just opened is all
> SOLD!!!

^ 03-05 stock 3G tails, excellent shape, from Black Menace's car
> SOLD!!!

Once-in-a-lifetime deal: a low-mileage (less than 8k) set of JIC Magic FLT-A2 coilovers for the 3G!!! (link to specs)

^ the goods...

^ driver's side front

^ driver's side front, top

^ driver's side front, lower

^ close-up of front damping adjusters

^ passenger's side front

^ passenger's side front, top

^ passenger's side front, lower

^ driver's side rear

^ driver's side rear, top

^ driver's side rear close-up

^ passenger's side rear

^ passenger's side rear, top

^ I will also include the original 8 kg/mm front springs (pair); the set-up is currently
7 kg/mm front & 5 kg/mm rear. The original "RRE-tuned" set-up was 8kg/mm front & 7 kg/mm rear.

^ The lock-collar spanners. Also included but not shown is the little 3mm allen tool for adjusting the damping rate.

If you have a lot of questions, these are probably NOT for you. Those that know, will recognize this GREAT deal.
Serious inquiries only, I can get you specific close-up pictures upon request.

These are the "best of the best" for you hard-core auto-X and track guys. And so less for way less than the
cost of new TEINs or comparable, JICs -> SOLD!!!


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Those are some nice items and I may be interested in the quicklifts.

But :eek:trules:
(Picture(s) are required, item(s) in picture must be accompanied by a piece of paper, handwritten in the same format as the example. If your sales thread do not contain actual pictures of the item or the verification paper is missing, the thread will immediately be deleted). The verification must be done in real-time, hand-written. No photoshopped pictures please.

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Interested in taking a down payment on the coilovers? I really, really, really want those :)

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I'll take the fuel door...PM me your PayPal address and I'll get the funds right out...
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