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Fuel Gauge Not Working.

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Ok, so I filled up my gas tank last week and got into the car and the fuel gauge was at E, I ignored it and thought if i drove for a bit it would disappear. but today I filled up again and still at E, its getting annoying does anyone know whats wrong?
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It's either this or you have a cut wire.
fuel tank pressure sensor is for the evaporative emissions controls, not the fuel level. fuel level is read by the fuel level sender which is attached to the fuel pump unit iirc. its a resistance based sender. to check its operation you need a DVOM and to pull it from the tank. hook the meter to the correct wires (look them up in the fsm) and move the arm back and forth. the resistance should change as the angle of the arm changes. if it does not or is erratic in how it changes you need a new fuel level sender. the part may also be called a fuel gauge sender.
Heh woops I thought they were the same thing.

My bad dude, I read that a while ago trying to school myself on the fuel pump module and didn't read 13C-15 very carefully. Use this to take out the fuel pump module, and then use this to test it. Sorry once again.
Thanks you, Im going to pull out the fuel tank and check when it stops raining.
Thanks you, Im going to pull out the fuel tank and check when it stops raining.
No need to drop the tank. Maybe you meant "pull the fuel pump assembly" :dunno: All that is removed from the back seat. No need to get under the car or mess with the tank itself.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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