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fuel pump fuse

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Where is the fuel pump fuse on a 2000 Eclipse V6 located?

I need pictures if possible,i cant find it. i want to clean the injectors:mecry:
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search for and check the online "FSM" field service manual. I know where the 2001's is... relay closest to the driver side front blinker (one of those 2.... just pull both then crank to verify no start/fuel)
I know on my 2002 Stratus R/T, in the main fuse block under the hood, I believe its the upper right fuse when leaning over the left fender - It should be a blue 15A fuse. Hope this helps.
The most effective way to disable it is to remove its relay. It's located furthest to the front, and closest to the fender in the under-hood relay box.
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