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I've gotten a lot of information off of here before just browsing the articles at hand. I hope someone can help me get a better idea of whats going on here...

I have a 2001 Eclipse GS 2.4L 5 Speed

It was running fine before I cleaned the throttle body. After putting back a new gasket and everything in order I went to start the car. It now will not start unless I give it gas for a moment and even then it idles real rough and low. I went back out and took out the IAC and cleaned it as well and the MAF sensor too. (I used appropriate and separate cleaners between the two of course). This did not help the idle issue or the start up issue. It's getting spark but afterwards there was a misfire on Cylinder 3. I disconnected the battery for 5 minutes and reconnected it and it started up like it was perfect. I went back out an hour later and tried to start it again and it would not start again unless given gas and would idle real rough and low afterwards. It has progressed since then, and by that I mean it won't start by itself anymore unless given gas and will stall out most of the time afterwards, almost immediately. There have been moment where I can smell gas in the exhaust fumes as well. The plugs and wires are new too.

SO, in summary the symptoms are -

Stalling out/idle issues.
Gas smell from exhaust
Low idle is it will start and rough
has become intermittently worse over the last week as I'm trying to find an answer...

I'm getting my hands on a fuel pressure gauge tomorrow along with a compression gauge.

Just want to see what anyone else thinks because this thing is driving me insane... :lol:
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