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fully built evo head 4g64 motor for sale.

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this will come with the evo 8 intake manifold, evo throttle body, evo timing covers, evo coil packs + spark plug wires, rear water pipe, evo cam sensor, 4g64 crank sensor, thermostat housings, and a few other goodies.

this motor is brand new, it has 0 miles on it. it was professionally built by, they've built some of the fastest dsm and honda motors in canada. the motor cost me 3800 in machine work only.

it's got a flow benched port and polish job, competition valve job, new seals in the head, valve stem seals, etc. everything's been checked from piston to valve clearance to all the evo 8 spring tensions. nothing has been skipped. fidanza cam gears, brand new timing belt + brand new idler pulley, auto-tensioner, tensioner pulley.

the block has eagle connecting rods, custom pistons spec'ed from road race engineering for 8.3:1 compression and LOTS of piston to valve clearance. oil pan has a oil return tig welded already. arp head studs, deck was properly bored and proper piston to wall clearance was achieved. it was honed using a proper 4g64 torque plate that was custom machined just for the job. the block was align honed for the ARP main studs. federal mogul top of the line bearings were used, cometic 1.5mm custom headgasket made specifically for a 4g64 with a evo head (rare ass gasket!).

this motor cost me roughly 8000$ to build. the reason i am selling it is i REALLY need the money.

i'll put it up for sale including shipping (which is around 600 dollar freight in a proper crate) for $6000 OBO. serious inquires only, otherwise this will be going on evom. this is a proper motor ready to handle well around 700hp (what i was planning to do with my gt35r).
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Zeeshan that motor is fuck1ng awsome!! one day I have have the skills and money to do something like this.
Beautiful !!!!
all i can say is DAMN. Thats one very nice engine and a hell of a price man. Good luck with the sale.
That is absolutely beautiful! :worship: Good luck with the sale.
thanks for the comments guys

new price, need it gone.. 5000 SHIPPED in your hands.
this is a mint engine with 0 miles and BRAND new parts.
honestly i doubt you'll sell it here. most people arent looking to go as far as what you built zee.

that is undoubtedly an awesome motor, and im sure you could get it gone on evom alot faster...

but good luck either way.
MAN...if I seriously had the money and time to take to get this in my car I probably would. $5000 is a steal and that motor is a complete badass. GL on wherever you sell it, that thing's a beast.
Good luck with the sale!
last price drop. $4200 shipped :) need a quick sale
last price drop. $4200 shipped :) need a quick sale
wow, you're taking a huge hit on this. just like everyone else, i'd kill to have this motor, best of luck on the sale and whoever gets this will be very pleased. i hope it stays within the community. :sadwavey:
Too bad this is not the begining of next year or I would have bought it. Good luck with the sale dude. Awesome build.
Fuckkkkkk, I spent more on the SOHC build. Throw it on ebay man, some evo owner will pick that fucker up in a heartbeat. I'd throw it up at 6k too
damn, that thing is beautiful, wish i had the money =/ good luck with the sale man :)
If you still have this in about a month or two i might just be interested....
damn, no one wants this for 4200?! =)!!
damn, no one wants this for 4200?! =)!!
do you have an evolutionm account?
get some posts on there and then put it up for sale... its a guaranteed sale on there...
its been posted :)
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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