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Functional Sealed Ram Air System

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So I was mildly annoyed that all of the "cold air systems" aren't really cold air since they still brought air from inside the engine bay. And none of them are actual "Ram Air system" either.
Well a few months ago when a stone cracked my fog light it gave me an idea. Why not have a sealed system that directly get pressurized air (at speed) from the front bumper?
After extensive research into the subject of from bumper ram air intakes I decided to take the plunge and build my own out of stuff I already had or could order.

Note: this is not the finished version and I'll be ordering more specific components once I've got more dimensions and now that I've got my base design proven to work.
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But after a test drive it's definitely better than the name brand kits for both air temps and overall power.

It's using the K&N Apollo filter system. Completely sealed.

Right now it's secured and at highway speed there's definitely a power difference vs the normal K&N kit that I had on before this.
That is according to the butt Dyno.
At idle I can actually feel air being pulled in through the front.

Main challenge was fitting the stock Maf sensor housing and securing the air filter system itself (it's a big filter)

Also for those worring about rain, I live in Texas where is rarely rains and I don't usually drive my eclipse in the rain.

Let me know what y'all think!
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wow, what a good induction system, I leave you a photo of what I was doing in my eclipse, something similar, taking the air from the lower front
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