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1000% please get a water bypass device on there between the filter and airflow sensor, one deep puddle, hard splash, or even possibly driving behind a truck slinging a lot of water spray could get water sucked into the engine.
You probably think I'm just being paranoid but I'm not. Not a 3G but when I installed a CAI on my Celica that mounts the filter in the front wheel well I sucked some water through my filter enough to stumble the engine JUST from spray off the tire through the slats in the wheel well liner! I resolved my issue by adding plastic over the slats, a water repellent dust sock over the filter, and a spray shield on the front to block spray through the bumper. I still draw cooler air from the wheel well that's not connected to the engine bay but with less risk of sucking water, sadly I don't have the room to mount an actual bypass valve on my intake, but you do!
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