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GB: Heavy Duty Hatch Shocks/Struts 00-05 3G

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Finally, i got a line of aftermarket heavy duty shocks/struts for the 3g. These are 30% stronger then your stock hatch shocks and will keep your hatch from falling down due to old beat up worn out shocks. These are a direct replacement of your hatch shocks and bolt right in to your hatch and body.

This Group Buy Starts now and all payment must be sent to my paypal
[email protected] for the total amount listed below. The shocks will be shipped by USPS. Please includes exactly where the shocks will be shipped to in the paypal not. Note: This is for the 00-05 3g Eclipse Only.

Here is how the group buy will be set up. This Group will end on October 1, 2008 unless otherwise changed. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Group buy includes 2 brand new heavy duty hatch shocks.

10-20 People $85.00 shipped
20-40 $80.00 shipped
40-up $75.00 shipped.

Shipping to Hawaii or Canada is $10.00 extra for shipping.

Thank You,
Justin S.

People in the group buy! I need 10 people to place the first order. So here is the list. All payments must be sent right afer 10 buyers are on the list.

1. dehcbad25
2. Buckethead
3. polishpimp778
4. JVD Graphics
5. PhoenixxxGT
6. mstabil
7. noricereclips
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No Problem Russ! Hey Russ, PM me or check your email.

My trunk does not lift anymore, so i am in.
How are you doing in numbers for getting people?
I'll join in. Mine are getting sluggish. Is there a list of people yet?
It's up to you guys, either you can buy wait until i get 10 people or you can pay $90.00 for the set. I can place the first order when i get 10 people in! So 8 more and i can do it.

Justin S.
So far 2, need 8 more!

Thanks everyone.
These don't work for the spyder do they?
Put me on the list...

1. dehcbad25
2. Buckethead
3. polishpimp778
Spider? Hum im not sure. I will have to check. I think they are different. Ok so far we got 3. We need 7 more.

Thank You
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I am in. I will need some sort of reminder though so when you get close to all 10, send a note please to my email: [email protected] or [email protected].

I'm in, any idea how long these things will hold out with that heavy ass stock wing on there?
Well i have had mine on for a while and absolutley no problems. I've had the hatch spring on since 02 and it's worked flawless since. I will put you on the list.
hey justin, is this thing still going? my trunk doesnt wanna move any more with the WW Type II...
Yes, would you like me to put you on the list? Let me know.
is it strong enough to lift my trunk with the WW spoiler on its own? if yes, then throw me on the list please!!
Ok put me in.. just pm me if we close in getting 10 .. thx!
Yes it is, so we got 2 more on the list!
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