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Hello everyone.

Thanks for the comments. Feel Free to search the BBB if you are interested. Some of our regions participate and some of them don't. There are many companies like the BBB that you can pay to help you monitor your customer complaints but we find the best solution is listening to our customers in the first place and then doing the right thing.

Discount Tire Co. is the nations largest independent wheel and tire retailer and our customers are the ones who helped us get this big. Bruce Halle started the company in 1960. He based his business on competitive pricing and honest work. He took pride in helping people and doing the right thing. Today, his business model still holds true. We have almost 800 locations and our number one goal is our customer's complete satisfaction. We know that if we treat you right and we give you a great deal, you, your friends and your family will come back to us again. It's really that simple.

For more feedback talk to our customers. There is likely to be more than a few of our customers here on club3g. (Thank you to the few that have already chimed in here.)

21 - 23 of 23 Posts