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Finally got my first dent on my car. I guess I need to call to make an appointment to get the paintless repair.

Got his by an unexpected ice storm in Colorado. Made it up to my street up hills and such and when I tried to go up the driveway I slid sideways, was pure ice and a large rock and a mailbox stopped me from going further and down the hill, which could of been bad. I had Michelin X-ice, but they may have been worn too much and still I don't think it will do anything on an ice sheet like that.

I got out and couldn't walk, luckily I had my yaktrax in my trunk that I was able to lower the back seats to get to. I slipped them on and didn't have any trouble walking into the garage.

Now I have Nokian 9s studded tires on order. This won't happen again. Luckily the Porsche was safe in the garage.
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