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GS Tach. Problems...

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Hey guys, I have had this problem for a while but haven't had time to really post about it yet due to good old college work :noplease:. Ever since I turbocharged my car and replaced my ecu with an '03 (along with the '03 reluctor and immobilizer) my tach. drops to zero and twitches as if there is an electrical failure whenever I am in a low torque open throttle position, (ex.-4th gear climbing a hill at 1500 rpm). I replaced the ecu in order to use ecuFlash and EvoScan since I have a '00 GS. Its really more of an annoyance than anything, and gets annoying as hell on the strip trying to stage when the tach is jumping around... but there is no power loss what so ever. I wasn't sure if this could be linked to the new '03 reluctor somehow throwing off the reading? Any ideas of something I could test? Thanks!
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id start with the voltmeter and check all your wires, check for resistance and the current compared what its supposed to be. goodluck

I have the exact same problem with mine. I have 2000 gs with 03 ecu running the evo rom. I wish we could figure this crap out it is a huge annoyance. Napalm said something about it could be the ignition fail safe sender or something but i really dont like messing with wiring so i have'nt messed with it. Let me know if you solve the problem or figure out a way to do it.
I am heading home from college next week and I would love to start testing to see if we can figure this out, does anyone know what voltage/resistance should be on my ecu wiring? Other than that, like you said 3g-izzle it could be somehow linked to the new ecu through the ignition fail safe sender ...I just don't know how to check it unfortunately.... All advice is good advice!...well most anyways haha
Ask napalm if you want to try and do it he has a pic. of what wire to cut what wire to solter that to etc...... It was just pointless to me at the time but now i'm wanting to do it. BADLY
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