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gt/gts engine swap

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i have a bone stock 02 GT 5 speed with 165k on her. long story short i blew the motor. i came across an 04 GTS motor with 56k on it for $400 bucks. great deal. being new to the eclipse family i was initially unaware of the different compression ratios between the two years as well as the GTS intake manifold. i have tried searching on here for a few hours and am catching bits and pieces of info on swaping the GTS into a GT but not a definative answer on what else i will need to complete the job. do i need an GTS ECU due to the intake manifold or can i use the intake from my GT motor? would the GT ECU work with the different compression the GTS has? basically just looking to see what the best way to go about this is and for the third time posting this i hope im in the correct forum, as gt/gts specific was not right nor 3g general discussion? not trying to rattle anyone's chain here just trying to get some help from fellow eclipse owners. thank you
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6G75 if you feel adventurous!
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