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GT versus GTS, what are the difference!? Well I'm going to tell you. ALL of them.

First, the interior. The eclipse was offered instandard black or tan interiors but the GTS was available with two more interior themes; Midnight and Sand Blast. The Midnight theme consists of the regular black interior with dark blue accents on the instrument panels, seats, door panel inserts and center console. The Sand Blast theme follows the same layout as Midnight, with the exception of tan accents instead of dark blue. Thanks to the FAQ...

The GTS also got different wheels. They're still the same dimensions however as the GT, still weigh a bunch, and bend just as easily.

Now for the tech stuff:
Engine: The GTS got 10:1 pistons as opposed to 9:1 that come in the GT. They are still cast, and even flimsier than the ones in the GT. The GTS also got slightly more aggressive cams, 248/252 as opposed to 248/248. exact specs can be found here:

The GTS also got a variable geometry intake manifold. This uses a set of butterflies to change runner length inside the manifold to promote torque. There are claims that the GTS is faster than the GT but they are so close it is negligible.

Otherwise the engines are identical. Same injectors, heads, block, crank, rods, throttle body, fuel rails and regulator, etc. Same flywheel and clutch too.

The other difference is in the transmission. The GTS got a different set of gear ratios. Same open differential in either.

The axles changed a bit over the years for both GT and GTS, most have their own part number but are entirely interchangeable. Same ABS gears and spline patterns.

There you have it. Those are the ONLY differences, the GT and GTS are otherwise IDENTICAL.
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:yesway: Great info compilation. I was wondering what the number difference was on the trans especially. Too bad in a few weeks' time it'll roll off the page (unless it gets stickied "hint") and will require use of that little orange button people seem to have so much trouble finding.
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Hello I have a problem with the mitsubishi gts variable intake valve, does anyone know where they sell it?
Hi and welcome to the site @ArturoOne

\Sir.... you have responded to a post from eight years ago. Please look at the date within the box. In your case, you posted this question 5 h ago, but the original post is from 2013. No big deal... you have done nothing wrong. But please be aware of this in the future.
You may want to call these people before you order just to make sure it is in stock...
Hello I have a problem with the mitsubishi gts variable intake valve, does anyone know where they sell it?
I have an extra GTS intake if your interested. PM and we can work out a price.
I have a question. I have a 2003 spyder gts Convertable with a bad transmission but car is in excellent shape structure wise. I also have a 2004 spyder gt convertable with a goof transmission. Are these interchangeable?
I have a question. I have a 2003 spyder gts Convertable with a bad transmission but car is in excellent shape structure wise. I also have a 2004 spyder gt convertable with a goof transmission. Are these interchangeable?
Yes, the GT and GTS transaxles are interchangeable and either one will bolt on the 6G72 engine, but they have different gear ratios on some of the gears(1,2,5), with the GTS having slightly more torque.
Thank you so much. I heard that it would mess up the computer so just wanted to make sure before doing the work
Okay so I really like this thread and know it's old. However I fell like its incomplete. This thread doesnt talk about the MVIM System that is on the GTS and not the GT and think I need and this post needs more clarification on that. I've read up on the MVIM. I built a gen 3 GT as my daily but wanna turn it into a circuit car I'm debating on getting another GT and rebuilding my daily as my current one has no moonroof and I just want one (if I'm gonna do all out on my daily I want what I want) so my one without the roof will get the roll cage and be the racer. I know i could go with a gen 2 and get more power to weight ratio. I just love the gen 3's always have however when building a race car you are still shooting for maximum performance. Hence why I ask about the MVIM. So from what I understand the MVIM is a system built into only the GTS. It has to do with the more aggressive cams on the GTS allowing for a difference in fuel economy as well as power based on how you drive the car. You stomp on it you get the high lobes and terrible fuel economy for more power, drive it economically you get the low lobes and better economy. So I'm curious this system seems like its more for the fuel economy yeah? I mean you could just run more aggressive cams on the GT, with 10:1 pistons, without the GTS ECU component, and end up with the same power but wouldn't get the fuel economy? Right? I want to stick with a GT tbh, the parts are easier to find and GTS piston rings alone are a pain. So I'm trying to build a GT that doesn't need to argue about the GTS. I want the 10:1 and the more aggressive cam set up. (I don't want the gear ratio change in the transmission) So if I do that essentially build a GTS engine without MVIM and when we are talking about just power. Does the MVIM really matter if I have all the rest? Or is there more benefits to the MVIM I'm not understanding?

When parts shopping this question really came up due to the fact the pistons are different with or without MVIM. So has me really curious as to why the pistons need to be different for this.

P.S. Been on this forum for years you guys usually provide my answers without needing to write anything. This is the first reply/post I'm adding so If i missed a post that covers it feel free to link it. Thanks.
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Can I put a gt motor in a gts car? I'm on budget so no 3.5 or 3.8 I already have a gt motor in my shop and my gts spun a bearing with metal in oil so what all needs to be done to use the gt block
As far as the engine goes I would assume you can just not hook up the little butterflies in the intake manifold. Now without that being hooked up will at least throw a check engine code, what I don’t know is if it will not allow the engine to run? Automatic may have an issue here too since it communicate with your engine when selecting gears. But it may work as well that idk. Tbh idk for sure if that will work from my extensive conversation with @Silvertune I learned really the only difference in the GT and GTS engine that will matter for you is those butterflies and if that not being hooked up will cause the ECU to not run the car? Otherwise assuming is manual there should be no issue transmission and ecu wise. If automatic there is more questions to be raised since the ECU does all your shifting and needs to know what the engine is doing in order to do that. It might not matter with the engine being swapped but I know you can’t just swap an auto transmission between the GT and GTS. Question is will swapping the engine matter for that at all? If it’s auto. If it’s manual then you should only have to worry about the butterflies in the intake manifold and how that will effect the ECU.

Silvertune will know though and started this thread so I’m sure you’ll have a definitive answer soon!
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However consider stating a new thread, I replied to this one waited a day then made a new thread about it and Silvertune replied that day with the the answers I needed. I dig tag that profile so it may speed up the response but if you don’t get a response since this thread is VERY old aside from my one comment.
Yea that why I made a profile I was told by somebody that I have to put the gts cams and distributor on the gt motor and it will work and yea its manual swapped just got done doing that just to get it knocking
If you use your existing 03 ECU along with your existing 03 distributor, you should be fine, assuming the ECU was reflashed for the manual tranny swap.
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