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gt25 v3 gt28

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well i have decided to get one of these 2 turbos. i can get one or the other for about 600 which isnt that bad. but the thing that i am running in to is lack of expierence on the 3g and what turbos are the best to go with it..

if anyone is running one of these setups let me know how it is.

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so even bigger then what i was going for huh?
it really depends on what you're planning on autocrossing so i would go with a smaller turbo that spools at low rpms thats why i just bought a 14b which is similar to the gt25...

but if you're planning on drag racing or something similar go with a bigger one...

the gt30 is nice :) i just dont think i'd take full advantage of it on a small curvy auto-x course
well i am planning with the auto cross thing with some buddies at work. but im a drag racer. so im taking it that the gt28 is simailar to the 16g?

or what about a t series turbo or another simaliar one to these discussed?
How much horse are you looking for? For 300whp, here is the gt3267. Looks like it's a pretty optimal range t/c. (I'm hoping this is the link I saved.)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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