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So I've been trying to find a decent clutch kit for my 03 GT. What's interesting is I was recommended a OEM MBK1003 From exedy. That one says it's for the GTS. The OEM Exedy is KMB02 for the GT. This is the only difference that I found between the two.

The GTS disc is 232MM vs the GT 225MM
The GTS disc hub diameter is 22.3 vs The GT's 25.4

This is where things get fuzzy.
Half of the websites show the GTS kit has a 20 tooth spline. Where the other half say the GTS kit has a 23 tooth spline.
I know for a fact the GT has a 23 tooth spline.
So the question is then what's actually correct?
I've done a lot of extensive research through the forum here and the only thing that I could possibly find was the old GT versus GTS chat that only stated once that there was no difference between the flywheel on either.

Some information would be extremely helpful here. Because if I can get a decently larger clutch disc for not too much more than what the GT OEM kit costs then I will.

Side interesting note: On a side note, ACT clutches has their clutch discs as the same part # for the GT and GTS. Hmmmmmmmmm
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