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None of that is correct.

The GT and GTS have the same 23 spline count. They have slightly different gear ratios but are otherwise completely interchangeable transmissions.

The difference is the GTS came with a 236mm clutch disc versus the GT 225mm disc. The only reason this is important is that the actual hub of the disc (the raised section that holds the springs) is bigger on the GTS disc and as such the GTS flywheel has a larger open hub to fit it.

In other words, the flywheel IS the difference.

All you need to know is you can't put a GTS clutch disc on a GT flywheel. If you have a GTS flywheel you can run whatever clutch on it you want, including aftermarket clutches for the Evo (single disc). All aftermarket flywheels are machined with the larger disc in mind.
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