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guys id like some help

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theres no serious problems or anything, im just trying to find an aftermarket exhaust to get. ive done a little bit of research and im trying to decide between the invidia n1 catback and the dna motoring catback. i like both sounds, however the dna is much cheaper. but the only decent video i can find of it theres a whistling noise at high rpm. obviously im trying to avoid that, but i dont really want to pay hundreds of dollars as im on a budget. does anyone have any input/experience with either of these? or maybe theres a more budget friendly one out there that also sounds good that i havent found yet? im not sure. id prefer to not get just a muffler, but ill take what i can get. thanks guys
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as an added note does anyone have any info on the magna flow for this car? i totally forgot to mention it in the og post
Do you mean the main cat or the muffler?
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