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So, my headlight casing is pretty scratched up from the various rocks and road debris that have passed over it through the years. I don't have the money to buy new headlights yet, so I wanted to know if there was a way I could sand down the covers? I didn't want to just take sandpaper to a plastic housing. Any suggestions? I can post some pictures if needed, but this seemed pretty self explanatory.
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advance autoparts sells a really good kit for like $19 that worked really well on mine
You can try wet sanding the lenses?
You can try wet sanding the lenses?
that is basically what the kit does, but it has a couple of solutions that you use to re-clear the lens.
Do you have any more information on the kit? I am trying to find it through Advance Auto's website.

Was it something like this?
This is the how-to made by "Pearl01stratcpe" from 2gstratus. Same thing I followed worked great. I also used this on my taillights, fog lights, and reverse lights (they tend to get very yellow.)

My headlights were pretty bad so i decided to do something about it. There was a fine line that i could feel with my fingernail and it looked horrible.
I noticed it more after i did the "JDM" mod with the black behind the clear lense. I looked online and only found kits, and they were a bit pricey, and since i had most things around the house anyways and free time i figured it was worth a shot.

You will need:

Spray bottle for water
Wet/Dry sandpaper
320 grit (if yours were as bad as mine you'll need it)
400 grit
800 grit
1500 grit
2000 grit
Plastic Polish - I had 'Mothers'

Every item can be found at most auto stores and Walmart.

1.Spray water on the lense on give it a good sanding with your first sandpaper(320/400)
This is the main one so it will look horrible when you get first get done. Dont get crazy and press real hard, but get most of the crazing off. I moved it up and down over the entire lense, then side to side, then all around; make sure its wet the entire time.

2. Wipe all the water off, spray with water again and use your next grit.
These will buff and polish your lense back to its original clearness. Go over the entire surface again.

3.Use the same technique as your previous grits, and it will slowly get clearer.

Once you get to 2000grit youll really notice a difference, but it still wont be perfect, and it will look hazy.

4.Spray off the entire area with water and dry it good.

5.Finally, get out the plastic polish and buff away. I used a buff pad attached to a cordless drill and really worked it in.
let it dry per instructions on bottle, and wipe off.

It worked great for me. I only have one lense done for now, ill get better pictures up ASAP.
Do you have any more information on the kit? I am trying to find it through Advance Auto's website.

Was it something like this?
i cant find the same one online as i bought in the store. but the process listed above will do the same thing
hell no do not samd them, the best way is to buff them with a wool pad and some ood rubbing compound,and fter that polish them and wax them, be carefull the plastic is easy to burn with a buffer
Why wouldn't you wet sand them? Your scratching them just as much with a wool pad, as you would with 2000 grit sandpaper?
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