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Do i need the safc2?

  • Will the Tactrix be better?

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  • how do i program them

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HELP ME PLEASE Header swap on 04 3.0 eclipse

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Hey guys iv been looking this up for days I bought speed daddy race headers for my eclipse im not worried about install im worried about the safc2 or the Tactrix Cable witch one should I use and witch one is the easiest to use please help me out iv been everywhere with no success -Kyle
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six views and still no help great
You need to be more patient. People can look at threads all day, not everyone has the answer. Especially when it comes to such a specific question. Someone will answer you shortly. Just wait. You're posting your question in the middle of the morning on a work day. Most people are at work... And don't run around posting your question all over the forum. You only need this one thread.

On a side note, I never even heard of "speed daddy" headers. They sound like the cheap crap you can buy on ebay. I suggest you stay away from those.
Yes. The speed daddy is knock off of the SLP header in the GM community so I assume it's also a knock off here
Also better have welding skills. Not one speed daddy install completed without cutting and welding involved
I have good metal fab skills its just the safc2 or tactrix sensor I was curious about witch one is easier to use/install?
sorry just have had a hard time with serious help I need to know if the safc2 from apexi was easier to use and install then the tactrix setup or if I even needed them at all
I figured the safc2 and tactrix has something to do with the car if I put after market headers on wont it run rich and crappy?
I gues my point is are the safc2 or tactrix needed if I put on the headers are they neccisery
sorry for spelling was in a rush out the door
SAFC2 for sale for 04 eclipse 3.0

Hey guys I have a 04 eclipse 3.0 five speed and im putting aftermarket headers on after reading up on the install of headers I heard I need a safc2 or tactrix open port can anyone tell me witch on is better and easier to use slash install and if you have a old one id love to purchess it
You can't use an safc on this car. It'll screw everything up. Ecuflash or leave it alone.
so will the headers screw my car up
sorry for being a dink earlier btw headers and down pipes all bolted in without any welding being done
It sometimes veries. I know between fed and cali spec. For example aftermarket exhausts for this car mainly come for the cali spec version of this car. You will have to modify it to fit fed spec, if you have fed spec. To make things short, sometimes you will have to modify them to fit. Theres plenty of info to find. Hope I'm not confusing you.
Also if you do get headers I would get a ecu flash, because as soon as you them headers on you will have an annoying CEL, and your car will read differently.
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