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Do i need the safc2?

  • Will the Tactrix be better?

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  • how do i program them

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HELP ME PLEASE Header swap on 04 3.0 eclipse

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Hey guys iv been looking this up for days I bought speed daddy race headers for my eclipse im not worried about install im worried about the safc2 or the Tactrix Cable witch one should I use and witch one is the easiest to use please help me out iv been everywhere with no success -Kyle
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six views and still no help great
I have good metal fab skills its just the safc2 or tactrix sensor I was curious about witch one is easier to use/install?
sorry just have had a hard time with serious help I need to know if the safc2 from apexi was easier to use and install then the tactrix setup or if I even needed them at all
I figured the safc2 and tactrix has something to do with the car if I put after market headers on wont it run rich and crappy?
I gues my point is are the safc2 or tactrix needed if I put on the headers are they neccisery
sorry for spelling was in a rush out the door
SAFC2 for sale for 04 eclipse 3.0

Hey guys I have a 04 eclipse 3.0 five speed and im putting aftermarket headers on after reading up on the install of headers I heard I need a safc2 or tactrix open port can anyone tell me witch on is better and easier to use slash install and if you have a old one id love to purchess it
so will the headers screw my car up
sorry for being a dink earlier btw headers and down pipes all bolted in without any welding being done
1 - 10 of 16 Posts
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