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What wire do you tap into on the back of the gauge cluster for an electric water temp. guage?? any help would be great!! thanks!
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what do you mean by an electric water temp gauge? When i installed mine i got an in line adapter for the radiator hose and used the sensor it gauge comes with and installed that in the in line adapter.
the gauge i bought allows you to wire directly into the OEM sensor, which can be done from inside the engine bay, or by tapping the wire on the backside of the gauge cluster. The same wire that controls the oem temp gauge on the cluster can be tapped to control the aftermarket gauge. It will just read out an temp display instead of a little needle that sweeps from "C" to "H" and you figure your all set if it stays in the middle but you dont really know what the actual temp is lol
thanks hijacker really easy actually didnt realize there was already 3 screws on the backside of the original that you can just wrap the wires around feed off that.
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