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hey, dont kno if anyone cares, but i figured out aux in

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i was looking through some of the previous posts on this subject, and it appears that there were quite a few people that used to be interested in this subject, however i figured those threads were probably dead by now. any ways its extremely simple and would cost at most $20 as long as u have the infinity hu, with a cd changer. all u do is take apart your 13-20 pin proprietary cable, pins 1 and 3 on the hu side are for left and right audio, conviently red and white in color. if u cut them u can run to switches and turn of audio from cd player, however with a cd in it will still think ur listening to a cd, so u can have a headphone jack hooked up on switches too, u may have to restart ur cd once in awhile, but there is no need to figure out how to electrically "fool" the hu, and u dont get a static sound from a blank disc, dont kno if any one will read, but hey, just puttin it out there, if u have q's u kno wat to do
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Eligs, for future reference, this is a message board, not SMS text messaging. Please type and compose your sentences properly, at the very least reflect having a 3rd grader's level of education. Thanks.
Patrick, he ended up making another one of these in the right section, I would just close this one.
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Harsh words man
@gemini9: get over it, they weren't to you. It's a public forum that is used. Y to s of people who are not members as a source for info. It needs to be legible.
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