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Hood Gap with Stock Bumper and VIS racing hood?

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As you can see in the pictures, there is a pretty pronounced gap between the middle of the bumper and the hood, creating a curve whenever you look at the car outside of direct flashlight. The car was bumped into a parking lot which dented the OEM hood down onto the bumper, which is my first idea, but when I look at the bumper with the hood up it looks uniform and unscathed. I plan on getting a new bumper sometime in the future but for now Id like to see if I can solve this issue or find out if I simply need a new bumper.

It could also be an alignment issue, as I have a slightly larger gap on the drivers side, however I dont see how that would fix the problem in the front.

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It looks more like the bumper is deforming. The hood looks straight. You have two dissimilar materials there that have different expansion and contraction rates. Was the weather cold when this happened ? My bumper gets misshaped when the weather is cold. Mine shows the problem mentioned on the area down under the grill. ...J.D.
"Or try repositioning the middle mountings holes for the bumper, thus pulling the middle closer to the hood".
This is what I mean about 2 dissimilar materials. The bumper is made of plastic and the mounting points are metal. The dimensions between the mounting points changes with temperature changes. My lower bumper looks fine in the summer, but in the winter, it has a bump that forms under the car, below the grill. Something that I just live with. ...J.D.
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