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Supplies you will need our
1.Vinyl ( color and grade of your choice)
2. Hobby knife WITH SHARP/NEW blade
3.Center cap!
4. If using paint, what ever painting supplies you are going to use
If you are going to paint the diamonds, pay EXTRA attention to step 6!!!!

Step 1- Wash the area that the vinyl will adhere to with soap and water and one alcohol to get rid of any surface dirt, and or grease.

Step 2- Carefully peel the backing off the vinyl. Then place it over one of the cleaned diamonds on the center cap, covering the whole diamond.

step3- Take your index finger, and use moderated pressure to adhere the vinyl to the indented diamond.

Step 4- Using the nail on your index finger, go along the outsides of the indented diamond using in between moderate, and heavy pressure. Be careful not to hurt the vinyl. Go along all 4 sides. Be sure that the vinyl is pressed down and adhered to the indented diamond. If your nails are to short, a tooth pick also works. Just be sure with the tooth pick not to press to hard.

Step 5- Now it's time to cut the diamond out. Remember to use caution when using a hobby knife, esp with a new blade. Hold the hobby knife like a pencil, and cut along the edges. Go slowly and DO NOT rush. When you get to the corners, be sure to make each cut meet up with each other, so when you go to peel the excess off, you don't take the diamond off with it. ----- There is no need to use great pressure during this step. With a new blade, it does not take much pressure to cut the vinyl. Pressing to hard will only cause you to cut the plastic!-----

step 6- Now it is time to peel the excess vynal away ( NOTE: If you are going to paint the diamonds, in this step, you will peel the diamond out, and leave the excess as a stencil!). Grab the corner of the excess vinyl, and SLOWLY start to peel it off.

Step 7 - This step does not need a picture. Once the excess is pulled away, take your index finger, and with a moderate amount of pressure, press on the diamond to assure it adheres properly.

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