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How To: Carbon Fiber Overlay

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How To Carbon Fiber Overlay anything:)

Theres really nothing to it. Just time.

Tools needed:

1- Carbon fiber cloth (Ebay- $30 an up)
2- Fiber glass resin ($21 an up -Autozone)
3- Super glue( $1- Dollar store)
4- Cutting shears
5- some sort of scrapper (puddy knife)
6- some sort of cardboard to work on
7- Plastic Dish
8- sandpaper high Grit (800, 1000, 1500, an 2000, grit)
9- Krylon UV protected spray ($8+ shipping -Online, Autozone, Walmart)

First Get you Carbon fiber Cloth...

The cut about 2in bigger the then the peice peice you working with...

Then Get your super glue and spread it over the top of the piece an lay the carbon fiber over the top. Make sure its flat an smooth when you do this. Also make sure you super glue the edge an any curves so it looks clean at the end.

Now that it is wrapped an pretty much stuck on there, get your resin...

Mix it the way it says in to a plastic dish. The dump a small amount in the middle of the object. Spread it evenly an slow motion(u dont want bubbles) into the carbon. about 1hr before the resin cures put another coat on. If you do only one coat, you can still feel the carbon threw the resin...

Now after you let it sit an cured for the for how ever long it says. wet sand it smooth i would use 600, 800, 1500, and 2000 grit sandpaper so its really glossy. Dont sand it to the carbon fiber. If you a little wary about doing this, spray some clear to fill in the small bumps.,then sand, Repeat this process until it smooth. clean very well with hot water...

Last step is to use some Krylon UV spray, only if dont use UV protect resin. if you did you can use just normal clear coat. Put a few coats of this spray an wet sand it 800, 1000, 1500, and 2000. Then clean with hot water and buff/polish...

and your finished product...Reinstall and enjoy...:wavey:

BTW I got this from another forum I have never attempted to try this but i will soon!!! I put it hear to help the community and so that is easly accessible to anyone and everyone and thanks to redshark for one of the pics...
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Yeppers, that's about right, the only thing i can recommend is that if your going to install the part in the sun get a high quality resin.

The resin used for fiberglassing is meant to be painted over and does not have uv protectants in it and will look turn yellow and look like anus shortly.
I don't know about the super glue part, if you use carbon fiber resin or fiberglass resin it seems as if you would have more time to work with the carbon fiber as super glue dries really quickly, and it's more of a one shot deal.
I use a high quality interior adhesive (used for auto upholstery). But you just want something that will hold it in place while applying the resin, i've seen people use double sided sticky tape.
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