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Hey guys, here's a "how-to" to installing a clear bra onto the front bumper. This is a great investment if anyone is interested!

The supplies/tools needed are simple:
- Pre-cut clear vinyl kit
- Rubber squeegee
- Box cutter (optional; came with the squeegee)
- Heat gun / Blow dryer
- Spray bottle filled with warm water

Step 1: Wash your hands to remove any dirt/grease/etc. to prevent any finger prints showing up on the material during installation.

Step 2: Clean off the front bumper. Clay bar if necessary to remove any hard to remove bugs/grease.

Step 3: Spray the bumper down with a consistent amount of water throughout the section.

Step 4: Spray both your finger tips and underneath the material as you begin to peel the vinyl away from the backing. Continue spraying water underneath the vinyl as you peel the remaining piece off the back paper.

*spraying the finger tips will help minimize the possibility of a finger print showing up on the material.*

Step 5: Put the vinyl onto the bumper and test fit it. Adjust the edges around the opening of the grille/foglights.

Step 6: Adjust the material as needed and spray water on the outer surface before squeegeeing *To help the rubber squeegee glide along the surface of the vinyl. And begin squeegeeing water out from underneath the material from any starting point. I, personally, started in the area by the license plate and worked outwards.

^Moving downwards.

*Squeegee from the center to outwards towards the NEAREST EDGE.

^Moving upwards.

Step 7: After a good amount has been squeegeed, eventually you'll run into these little bumps. You can take these out by blow drying them for a few seconds and smoothing them out with your fingers tips. Re-squirt water when necessary. Remember, more water=better! ;)

^It should look a little wavy and spotty like that. The white spots are actually tiny amounts of moisture that have not been taken out. Don't worry though, it is normal to see this, the small water spots will dry out within a day or two after install. However, if they are bubbles, peel off the material, relubricate, and re-squeegee again if necessary!

Step 8: After that area has been completed, move onto another area. Before starting the new area; gentle peel off, adjust, and respray with water underneath and outside the vinyl and repeat steps 6 & 7.

Step 9: Complete! Enjoy the protection! :)

To be brutally honest, this installation is not easy. You have to work fast an be accurate.


- You can heat up the material to help it flex to the bumper.

Why is this? The material is produced flat and is cut flat, whereas the bumper is full with curves. Some modification is needed.

- The more water you use, the better.

Why is this? This helps it settle with the bumper better. This also helps prevent some bubbles from arising during installation. Water is easier to squeegee out than air!

- Work semi-quickly while being accurate.

- Don't be afraid of the material, it is very flexible.

Good luck with your installation! PM me for any other questions! :)

Any comments, please post here:
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