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How To: close the gap on the hatch

This might not bother too many owners, but for those that notice the gap between the glass and the side piller of the roof on the hatch; you will benefit and most likely enjoy the outcome.

-18 feet of Edge Trim in black
-Measuring tape
-Sharp wire cutters

Edge Trim (yeah, the stuff that has a picture of a lowered Honda Civic on the back, lol).I used the large package because the single strips arent long enough to run the length of the edge of glass.

Start from the back of the glass. You will notice a piece of plastic trim, that is where you push the Edge Trim into.

Continue pushing it down until you get to the end. This is where you need to take the wire cutters to cut the Trim at the same angle (or as best as you can) as the end of the original trim.

Once complete, it will fit flush with the rest of the contour of the vehicle and the annoying gap will be gone.

yes, my car is in desperate need of a paint job. Its getting one this summer, im just currently getting the interior conversion done first. Inside then outside.
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